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Search engine optimization extends beyond off-page factors. The truth is, on-site optimization has been the cornerstone of organic search traffic from the very beginning. On-site optimization is both a science and an art, both of which must be learned through extensive trial and error.

When optimizing a website, it’s important to focus the optimization towards your site visitors as well as the search engines. After all, a search engine isn’t going to convert, but a human visitor will. When creating a site, this can never be forgotten.

Hollistic planning is equally important. Your sitemap, H1 tags, title tags, description tags, ALT tags, breadcrumbs, and so on must never be considered as separate attributes. They must all work together on each page in order for your site to be successful.

With these principles in mind, let’s take a look at some basic on-site attributes that must be properly utilized on your site for it to be successful.


Adding powerful content that will convert visitors into buyers can be quite challenging for most businesses. The key to writing effective copy is writing informative content that provides value and engages with visitors on an emotional level. Search engines will see that the site is providing relevant value and rank the page higher, while actual visitors will be compelled to follow a call to action based upon certain emotional triggers.

Direct Response

The powerful effect of direct response content is often overlooked by many, but not by our Houston website optimization experts. Title and meta tags offer the perfect opportunity to rank any given page for a particular keyword while persuading searchers to click your site listing on the search engine results page as well.

404 Errors

If you want your site to achieve large-scale ranking in the SERP’s, then you must understand and address the technical attributes of your site and how they affect your search engine rankings. An attribute of particular importance is a 404 error. If you find one on your site, you need to 301 redirect the URLs that are pointing to the page to lessen the damage. However, a properly optimized and managed website should not have any 404 errors.

Loading Speed

Lately, Google has been placing increased emphasis on the loading speed of a site as a ranking factor. There are many factors, such as improper use or structure of images and video, that affect the loading speed of webpages. This also comes down to the user experience. In addition to being dropped in the search engine rankings, a slow site will also experience reduced conversions.

Site Structure

Proper site structure is hugely important in the optimization of your site, because it will allow search engine spiders to crawl each of the pages of your site and read the relevant content, which is used for indexing and ranking. Therefore, correct site structure will go a long way in helping your site rank for numerous relevant keywords.

On the subject of navigation and site structure, the importance of a properly constructed XML sitemap cannot be understated. This is a requirement and one of the most important optimization factors that must be implemented to achieve search engine results.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to website optimization. It is a complicated process that can have a far reaching effect on the performance of your website. Thankfully, our SEO and optimization experts have years of experience in optimizing a site for search engines and visitors alike. Whether you are launching a new site or revamping a current site, we provide cutting-edge website optimization services that can be catered to your specific budget and needs.

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