Houston Local SEO

The Internet is a huge space that encompasses information from all around the globe, and your business is more than likely located in a tiny corner of it. This is especially the case if you own a brick and mortar business that provides products and services to a local area only. Rather than spending your valuable time and money on marketing to the entire globe, you should consider utilizing local SEO for a much more targeted approach. Local SEO will allow your dollars to stretch farther and reach the people that matter the most.

What is Local SEO?

The aim of local SEO is to get your company name, location, and website in front of the people that are most likely to use your services, products, or patron your business. If you own a brick and mortar business, then these are the people that are near its location, including travelers and vacationers. Local SEO is essentially the same as having your business listed in the Yellow Pages. In fact, it is the Yellow Pages of the modern era. If you are a florist with a shop in Savannah, Georgia, potential customers will perform a local search to find your shop. However, local SEO is more involved than meets the eye, and there are specific techniques and tactics that should be employed to ensure the proper local targeting of your SEO.

Local SEO Pricing

Trying to tackle local SEO, or SEO in general, by yourself is a daunting task. There are numerous skills and techniques that must be learned, and as soon as one is mastered, search engines often make changes or a new technique is discovered. Therefore, anyone serious about garnering increased customers and sales through local SEO should utilize the services of a professional SEO company.

Most SEO companies charge set monthly fees for the various local SEO packages that they offer. For instance, a basic package that includes a #1 ranking in Google for one major and three minor keywords, a local lead generation site, five-star reviews, business listings, a Facebook Fan Page, and social media management might typically cost anywhere from $200 to $400 a month. There are also premium packages that may include more keyword rankings, text and email promotions, more lead generation sites, and so on for as much as $700 a month. However, every professional SEO company sets their own pricing and it usually varies from one company to another. In comparison to the cost of outdated and ineffective local print ads, local SEO offers a tremendous value.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization is a function of an overall SEO strategy that has the ability to send local traffic to your website or place of business. Local search by users is a growing trend, and local search engine optimization allows your business to get in front of an ever increasing number of people using local searches each and every day. In order to do so, it allows your business website to attain a higher ranking in local search engines and drive highly targeted visitors to your website, resulting in an increased number of site visitors and sales.

A properly planned local search engine optimization campaign helps potential customers locate your business, which increases the likelihood of direct contact and lead conversions. A professional SEO company can employ the following local search engine optimization tactics to increase your company’s visibility on the Internet and in your local area:

• Mobile search optimization
• Community search optimization
• Local city search optimization
• Google Maps and Google Places SEO marketing
• Submission of company listings to local business directories
• Submitting press releases to local directories
• Performing targeted local pay per click campaigns

Google Places and Maps

Local search also involves map search, and the major search engines do an excellent job of capitalizing on this growing trend by highlighting local businesses within their maps. Moreover, many search engines include map listings on the first page of results for many keywords. Google is a local maps leader, and since Google Places results are now displayed within the regular search results for local searches, exploiting Google Places is an integral part of any local SEO strategy.

The best SEO companies are able to achieve high rankings on both Google Maps and standard search results on the same search results page. Having your business appear twice on the same search results page is a powerful benefit of local SEO.

Citations in Local Directories

Citations are essentially the backlinks of the local SEO world. Similar to backlinks, citations are weighted in accordance to the authority of the site that mentions your business. For example, a news source is pure gold, whereas a citation in an unknown blog that receives hardly any visitors carries much less weight. Similar to SEO backlinks, having quality citations is much more important than having a large number of poor quality citations. Listing your business in business directories, on review sites, and social accounts are all considered citations.

Locally Targeted Pay Per Click

Choosing to implement a locally targeted pay per click campaign can be a profitable way of attracting a significant amount of local traffic. If you have a brick and mortar business, then a locally targeted pay per click campaign can reduce your advertising expenses and increase your sales, resulting in a much higher ROI. Our experienced team of SEO and PPC marketing professionals can setup and manage your local PPC campaigns to ensure maximum profitability and a flood of new visitors to your website and your business location.