Pay Per Click Management

Natural search engine results are great. In fact, they are the life blood of every successful business in today’s competitive business environment. However, there’s a much quicker way to get to the top of the search results, and it goes by the name of pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising, commonly called PPC, is the absolute fastest way to attract new customers and bring them to your front door or wherever else you want them to go. Simply put, if you want to attract a horde of new customers as soon as today, then PPC is the way to go.

Unfortunately, creating and optimizing successful PPC campaigns is easier said than done. Thousands of business owners lose money on their PPC campaigns each and every day. Thankfully, our passionate and experienced marketing professionals specialize in much more than getting your site to the top of the organic search results. We also use our diverse expertise to run profit-pulling PPC campaigns for clients in the local Houston area and nationwide.

We can create PPC ads that will allow your business to be displayed at the very top of the search results page in only a matter of hours. This may seem like the end all be all, but we don’t stop there. We can also display your business ads on many relevant industry sites as well. For instance, whenever someone types in Houston garage doors and visits a site that is listed on the front page, in some cases, we can target that site and advertise your business there as well.

As you can see, the benefits of our Houston PPC services can be tremendous, especially when you consider that we can often create highly targeted ads that will run for less than a dollar per click. This is where our expertise really comes into play. Similar to SEO, PPC ads also revolve around keywords. The more targeted and relevant your keywords are, the lower your ad spend will be. Properly constructed ad groups play a significant role in the price you will pay per click, and keywords are the building blocks of your ad groups. Businesses that try their hand at PPC advertising or choose the wrong company often end up paying too much per click and do not see the returns they were hoping for.

With our expertise, this is never an issue. Through our detailed analytics, comprehensive split testing, and years of PPC experience, our marketing professionals will create highly relevant ads with a high Quality Score, ensuring you are able to receive the lowest cost per click possible. This will increase your ROI and provide your business with more affordable leads than you may be able to handle. Of course, our ability to create compelling ad copy will lead to increased click through rates and play a prominent role in providing you with targeted leads as well.

While our SEO services are vital in establishing your business’s online presence, PPC is the fastest way to reach the thousands of targeted visitors searching Google and the other search engines for the products and services you offer. Throughout our years of experience, we have perfected the science of PPC advertising. By using our PPC services in addition to our industry-leading SEO services, your business will be able to dominate the competition in every regard, creating a flood of hungry buyers for pennies on the dollar.